Holman Referrals Program Rules

  1. Managers of the Holman Organization and their immediate family members (same household) are not eligible for referral rewards.
  2. Sales Employees and their immediate family members (same household) are not eligible for referrals within their own dealership or any common brand dealership. In addition, sales employees are not eligible for referral sales of non-certified pre-owned vehicles to any dealership as they should have the vehicle transferred to their dealership and sell it themselves.
  3. Employee deals are not eligible for referral rewards.
  4. Individual Referred cannot be an existing Holman customer (made a vehicle purchase from a Holman dealership in the last 48 months).
  5. Referral form must be presented prior to purchase. No retroactive payments will be made.
  6. Referrer’s PIN generation date must precede the referred individual’s initial date of contact with Holman (Person cannot register and refer an individual after they find out that individual is in the process of buying a vehicle from us).
  7. Participants must be 18 years or older.

Claiming Your Rewards:

  • Upon successful referral, the dealership will send referrer an e-mail requesting mailing address in order to send payment. Once mailing address is obtained, the referral check will be sent. This process will only happen once, all future referral rewards will be sent to the address on record, which can be changed at any time in the account setup.
  • If initial request for address is not responded to in 1 week, an email reminder will be sent.
  • If the request is still not responded to at the end of 2 weeks, a final notice will go out requesting the information necessary for processing.
  • If the request is not responded to by the end of 4 weeks, the referral is closed and payment will not be made.